Renewable Power Solar Energy

Capacity of the Project: 20 MW
Location: Mouje Village Shivlakha, Taluk Bhachau, District Kutch,
Technology: photovoltaic technology
Modules Type: A-Si, Thin film, Single Junction
Solar radiation: 5.21 KWH/m2/day

The site for the Project is located at latitude of 23.300N and longitude of 70.400E. The nearest town to the site is Bhuj and the nearest railway stations being Samakhiali (12 kms) & Lakadia (3 kms) on the Palanpur-Delhi route. The nearest airports are Bhuj (115 kms) & Ahmedabad (300 kms) while the nearest Sea ports are Kandla (96 kms) & Mundra (122 kms).

Solar project commissioning - April 30, 2012 Capacity
Kutch, Gujarat 20 MW