About Us Vision Objective

We aspire to be one of India’s leading energy players, operating in the fields of renewable energy.

In the field of renewable energy, we aspire to create a portfolio of diverse, sustainable solutions that will help balance India’s energy needs with a concern for our environment constantly seeking out relevant new technologies in the process.

The objective of NSL Renewable Power Private Limited is to operate and manage a portfolio of diverse renewable energy projects and reap exciting returns and profits for both company and the society, while making development and growth a perennial process in the company by updating and introducing new technologies in the industry and exploring new horizons.

Our strength is skill, commitment and competence of our people, the knowledge capital we have. NSL/its Group Companies and NSL Renewable Power Pvt Limited has a team of Top Professionals and Engineers from the Power Generating Sector having years of experience in Developing, Running, Managing and Operating Wind, Solar and Hydel Power Projects, who are engaged in the endeavor to reach world-class excellence.

The company strongly believes in the pool of capable and committed man power, which is its core strength, and is the key factor behind all achievements and success. In order to develop the capabilities in the field of Power plants development, generation, management, etc, a lot of thrust has been laid on training and competency building.

Global warming has become a major agenda. Our strategies are aligned to preserve the environment and containing global warming. Our company is undertaking Clean Development Mechanism(CDM) in Wind Power Projects. CDM projects related to Hydro projects are in the pipeline. Thus, CDM provides an opportunity to benefit the environment and entitle our company for carbon credits. The company is utilizing the mechanism in line with national and global environmental imperatives.

Building upon its heritage of values and high performance, our company is aiming higher, delivering more and reaching further levels.